Monday, February 2, 2015

Time for a facelift!

I decided it was time for a new look! I hope you like the new background and color scheme. 

I want to get more social this year, please come join me on your favourite social network using the links to the right (>>>). You might also notice the Instagram feed just below those links. I'm new to Instagram, and I'm trying to post photos of my knitting just about every day (and the occasional pictures of my gorgeous cat, Stella). 

I would love to say that I am going to post more regularly this year, but as you'd know from my track record, I'm not very good at that. Let's just say I'll post when I post, and hopefully that's more regularly than it has been in the past!

Happy knitting everyone.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Knitting in Action

So once again my intentions of writing regular posts lasted all of a few weeks. Thank you to those of you who are still following me. One of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while is because I had nothing to post, not pattern wise at least.
Me & my finished shawl

This year I completed my very first Mystery Knit Along (MKAL). One night I was casually browsing through patterns on Ravelry, as you do, and stumbled upon the Follow Your Arrow MKAL by the uber talented Ysolda Teague. I signed up immediately and I’m very glad I did. Not only did I end up with an awesome shawl, the format of the pattern was exceptionally fun. Each week we were given two pattern options to choose from, with each working equally well with whatever was chosen the previous week.  The mystery, the clever design and the unique format really got my designer juices flowing and has inspired me to start writing more patterns again.

So purrrty!
Lately I have been obsessed with stripes of rainbow colours paired with a neutral background (also inspired by Ysolda actually – she's one of my new idols!). Without having any specific patterns in mind, I ordered myself some lovely lovely yarn from Happy go Knitty and Spin Span Spun. I spent much of my free timing thinking about how I would work the yarn and the colours into something that was wearable but not too garish. So were born the Iridis mitts.

At some point this year I decided I wanted to make a stop motion video of one of my knitting projects. As I was going to have to stop and take a photo after each completed row, the mitts seemed like a perfect option as it was already a quick knit.

Here, I present to you, knitting in motion!
I’m still polishing the final product, but if you’re interested in these mitts, please keep an eye on my blog or on Ravelry as I hope to have the pattern released by the end of this month.

This pattern has been tested and is now for sale on my Ravelry store. Follow the link below if you would like to help me support my knitting habit purchase the pattern.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hook Monster - Photo Tutorial

Thank you everyone for all of your interest in my Hook Monster pattern! I've had a few requests for a video tutorial for it. This is something that I'd love to do, but I just don't have the time and resources to do it. 

That said, I have been able to whip together a few photos. 

1. Chain the required number of stitches

2. Turn work so that the chain is to the left of your hook (opposite if you're working left handed). Insert hook into the loop at the top
(In this picture I have already worked 2sc so it's easier to see where I'm pointing the hook)

3. Yarn over and draw through. Work as usual SC. 

4. Continue in this fashion until you get to the end of the chain

5. Work a second stitch in the last loop. Turn work so that again it is to the left of your hook and work in the other loop down the chain. 
I have worked the first stitch on the second side here. 

7. Continue working SCs up this side of the chain until reaching the other end. 
I have used 8ply acrylic with a 5.5mm yarn. You'll see the holes in the middle. When making your hook monster, you should be using a much smaller hook so the holes won't be as pronounced. 

8. Slip stitch into the first stitch then just work SCs in all stitches around until hook monster case is desired length. 

This is just for the set up. If you have any other questions, please don't be afraid to ask and I will always do my best to help out. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perfect Leaves Convertible Mitts

UPDATE: This pattern is now only available as a PDF on Ravelry. Please follow this link to access it

Last August I got to visit Melbourne for the first time. I was staying with a friend and we'd arranged to go camping at the Cathedral Ranges for a few days. I knew it would be extra cold, so I wanted something to keep my fingers warm but also allow me some dexterity. I had seen other convertible mitt patterns, but they were all quite plain. And so these mitts were born!

For more pictures, see my Ravelry project page
You'll see the top/left mitt has a closed thumb and the bottom/right mitt has an open thumb

Yarn: 8ply. I used Cleckheaton Perfect Day with Chocolate for the main colour and Chocolate Natural Marl for the contrast.
Needles: 4mm. I prefer 1 long circular (60cm+) in the magic loop or 2 shorter circulars. DPNs can also be used.
Sizing: These were designed for me, but should fit most women with averaged sized hands. The cuff circumference measures approx 16cm but will stretch to about 26cm. From the base of the thumb to the top of the mitt measures 12cms (this would be from the base of your thumb to the top of your middle finger. If you would like to know any other measurements, please leave a comment.
Approx gauge: 23sts & 32 rows to 10cm in stockinette

In the lace pattern, there is a part where you have to do a yarn over followed by a purl stitch. If you're new to lace, you might have found this a bit confusing - I know I did the first time! The trick is to wrap the yarn around the needle - bring yarn to front under the needle as you would for a regular YO, take it back over the top of the needle then bring to front under the needle - then work the purl stitch.

I made my mitts using the magic loop method, as I find this the easiest way of working in the round. Choose whichever method works best for you. 

Tips for working the thumb:

(the pictures show 4 cast on stitches, that was my error)